CCB Announces New CARC Certification - Certified Addiction Recovery Coach

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Connecticut Certification Board, Inc.

eNews 2/17/2012

CCB Announces New CARC Certification -

Certified Addiction Recovery Coach

Wallingford, CT Since 2007, the Connecticut Certification Board (CCB) has been actively working with a diverse group of recovery community stakeholders with expertise in recovery coaching to develop a new certification - the Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC). For the purposes of this new certification, the CCB has defined a CARC as anyone committed to promoting recovery from addiction by connecting recoverees with recovery support services, building recovery capital, generating individualized recovery options and assisting recoverees to remove barriers to recovery. The CARC role is non-clinical instead focusing on the tasks, skills and knowledge required to provide helpful and effective recovery coaching and recovery support services. Since all individuals can play an important role in promoting recovery from addiction, the CARC credential is not limited to only those in recovery from addiction. However, the CCB recognizes the unique value and significance that lived experiences, personal recovery and wellness brings to a recovery partnership. The CARC certification is in the final stages of development and will be offered beginning in April, 2012.

The CARC certification focuses on the tasks, skills and knowledge of recovery coaches in four primary performance domains:

  1. 1)  Recovery from Addiction

  2. 2)  Recovery Coaching

3) Education
4) Ethical Responsibility

The CARC certification is open to anyone interested in or committed to recovery coaching. The process of becoming a CARC will include completion of the CARC application process, meeting the CARC certification standards and passing the CARC written exam. All CARC candidates will also be required to adhere to the CCB Certified Addiction Recovery Coach Code of Ethical Conduct and Core Recovery Values which are scheduled to be published in March, 2012.

CARC certification is one way to demonstrate that an individual has met established competency-based standards for recovery coaching. The CARC is not intended for all those interested in or involved with recovery coaching. Instead, the CARC is intended for only those interested in pursuing certification in recovery coaching and willing to voluntarily choose to meet the established standards, code of ethical conduct, ongoing coaching by a qualified recovery coach supervisor and ongoing educational requirements.

CARC certification through the CCB does not allow an individual any practice permission or scope of practice that is not provided by their agency, license, educational training or professional scope under other credentials/licenses. CARC certification with the CCB does not allow an individual to practice as a private practice clinician and does not determine eligibility or provide permission to practice without meeting other requirements as determined by the Connecticut Department of Public Health. For questions about practice requirements, scope of practice or licensure requirements of private practice clinicians, please contact the Connecticut Department of Public Health at

For more information about the new CARC certification, please contact the CCB office or visit the CARC webpage for details.

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