CCB Announces New Problem Gambling Credentialing Standards & Collaboration with IGCCB to Offer New Problem Gambling Credentials

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Connecticut Certification Board, Inc.

eNews 3/31/2011

CCB Announces New Problem Gambling Credentialing Standards & Collaboration with IGCCB to Offer New Problem Gambling Credentials

Wallingford, CT Effective March 31, 2011, the CCB will implement new credentialing standards for the SCPG Specialty Certificate of Competency in Problem Gambling credential which will apply to all new SCPG applications. The new SCPG standards will modify the existing requirements including work experience, education & training hours, qualifying degree or CCB credential and will integrate new standards around supervision and training from qualified IGCCB Board Approved Clinical Consultants (BACC).

The following SCPG credentialing changes will become effective April 1, 2011:

Work Experience: Candidates will be required to document no less than 2000 hours of addiction-specific or mental health counseling-specific work experience AND at least 100 hours of problem gambling-specific work experience under appropriate supervision.

Training: 30 hours of problem gambling-specific training will be required.

Qualifying Credentials or College Degree: Candidates will be required to hold an active CCB credential (CAC, CCDP, or CCDP-D) OR hold an Associates Degree in a behavioral health field (or equivalent) from an accredited institution.

Qualifying Credentials: All candidates will be required to document at least four hours of supervision from a qualified IGCCB credentialed Board Approved Clinical Consultant (BACC).

To download a copy of the new SCPG application or for a current list of the BACCs in Connecticut, visit the CCB website.

The CCB is also pleased to announce a new collaboration with the International Problem Gambling Counselor Certification Board ( which will allow the CCB to offer in partnership with the IGCCB the NCGC-I and NCGC-II credentials. The standards set by the IGCCB are considered the gold standard for problem gambling credentials nationally and are internationally reciprocal between all IGCCB boards. The NCGC-I and NCGC-II credentials are also recognized by the CCB in Connecticut and issued in partnership with the IGCCB. Qualifying individuals will also be issued international ICGC-I and ICGC-II credentials where appropriate. Please review the NCGC application for a complete description of the NCGC-I and NCGC-II credentialing standards.

For more information about the new SCPG credentialing standards or the new IGCCB credentials, please visit the CCB website at or email for assistance.

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