CCB Implements New CCS Credentialing Standards

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Connecticut Certification Board, Inc.

CCB Implements New CCS Credentialing Standards

Wallingford, CT Effective October 1, 2010, the CCB will implement new credentialing standards for the CCS Certified Clinical Supervisor, which will apply to all new CCS applications. The new CCS standards will modify the existing requirements including work experience, education and training hours, and qualifying credentials. New requirements have also been added to the standards for both delivered and received clinical supervision. In line with the IC&RC’s CCS standards, the CCB will now accept reciprocally certified CAC, CCDP, or CCDP-D credentials as the prerequisite for the CCS credential. This change will now allow individuals with co-occurring credentials to become eligible for the CCS credential.

These changes being made to the CCS credential meet or exceed IC&RC’s standards and will not impact reciprocity of current or future candidates. CCS candidates with applications that have already met standards or are actively certified will not be impacted by the changes. The new standards will apply to all candidates who apply for the CCS after the September 2010 deadline, as well as those with a pending CCS application that have not yet met the standards for the credential.

The following CCS credentialing changes will become effective October 1, 2010:

Qualifying Credential: CCS candidates will be required to hold one of the following credentials actively for one year in order to be eligible for the CCS credential: CAC Certified Addiction Counselor, CCDP Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional, or CCDP- D Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional Diplomate.

Work experience: Work experience requirements now reflect the IC&RC standards and are tiered by level of college education giving credit for those with a qualifying degree (behavioral health with addiction content) at the Associates, Bachelors, and Masters level.

Supervision: Clinical supervision standards have been expanded to include separate requirements for 200 hours of delivered and 200 hours of received clinical supervision.

The new CCS credentialing standards and certification materials will be published in early November on the CCB website. Individuals with questions about the new standards and certification process are strongly recommended to attend one of the free CCB Certification Process Overview workshops or register for a CCB Certification Process Coaching Session offered by CCB staff. Information and registration forms for these sessions can be found in the current CCB Training Catalog.

For more information about the new CCS credentialing standards, please visit the CCB website at or email for assistance.

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