CE Requirements for Renewals

Monday, June 21, 2021

We have received quite a bit of negative feedback for not following the Connecticut Department of Public Health’s lead in eliminating the CE requirement for renewals. To be clear, as the purpose of certification is to verify the continued competency of the practitioner for the protection of the client, the public and the SUD/COD prevention, treatment & recovery field as a whole, not requiring professionals to stay current on their duty for ongoing professional development invalidates those responsibilities. We take our charge of client and public protection very seriously, and as an IC&RC affiliate, remain adherent to our renewal requirements out of respect to our other 80+ sister boards. The Department of Public Health operates as a function of the Connecticut state government and operates under the standards developed by the legislature, not the international experts in the field, therefore our scope of responsibility differs from theirs.

As the pandemic wanes, we will continue to offer extensions to those who have renewals due before September 1, 2021. Extensions are not automatic and must be requested in writing.

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