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Thursday, March 12, 2009

CCB Announces New Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist (MATS) Credential

March 12, 2009

Wallingford, CT The CCB is pleased to announce the development of a new credential: MATS - Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist. The mission of The Connecticut Certification Board is to educate and credential behavioral health professionals in competency-based standards. In keeping with this mission, the CCB has developed the MATS credential which is intended for practitioners providing counseling, recovery supports, case management, medical treatment or other services to people in recovery that are benefiting from Medication Assisted treatments (MAT) such as methadone, buprenorphine/suboxone, naltrexone, acamprosate, disulfram, chantix and other medications used in the treatment of addictive disorders. One of the primary purposes of this board specialty is to identify practitioners with a special interest in or commitment to medication assisted treatment and recovery and have chosen to demonstrate their basic competency in the knowledge and skills of a Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist as identified in the CCB Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist Job Task Analysis (2008).

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) of substance use disorders presents a unique clinical challenge that requires MAT-specific skills and training. The MAT Specialist credential will be available for those interested in completing 45 hours of MAT-specific training and successfully passing the CCB MATS written exam. The credential will not require that a practitioner be licensed or certified in a behavioral health or medical field (although this is strongly encouraged and will be the primary intended audience), so that people in recovery, MAT advocates, policy makers, behavioral health professionals, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, family members, and others that have a special interest in MAT can obtain the credential.

MATS certification is one way to demonstrate that you have met established standards of MAT competency and capability. MATS certification through the CCB, however, does not allow an individual any practice permission or scope of practice that is not provided by their agency, license, educational training or professional scope under other credentials/licenses. MATS certification with the CCB does not allow an individual to practice as a private practice clinician and does not determine eligibility or provide permission to practice without meeting other requirements as determined by the Connecticut Department of Public Health. For questions about practice requirements, scope of practice or licensure requirements of private practice clinicians, please contact the Connecticut Department of Public Health at

The Connecticut Certification Board's process for credentialing MATS practitioners currently requires meeting established standards in MAT-specific training and obtaining a passing score on the CCB MATS written exam. Ongoing professional development and adherence to the CCB Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist Code of Ethics are also required of the MATS credential. This credential is currently not a reciprocal credential and not transferable through the IC&RC to other IC&RC member regions.

For more information about the MATS credential, please contact the CCB office.

MATS Application February 2009.pdf

MATS Candidate Guide 2008.pdf
CCB MAR Learning Program Overview.pdf

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