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We have a mission statement that not only describes what we strive for daily, it also drives all of our efforts:

“Cultivating and maintaining the highest standards of professional practice within the recovery field”

Be it certification, training, collaboration with other like-minded entities, or non-profit consultation, every task is done in support of that mission. We also recognize the aspirational nature of our mission, we will never actually reach the end as there is always more that can be done. As research provides more evidence for our field, as best practices are refined and adapted, as professionalism and ethics adapt to the realities of our world, our mission will always stay true. We hope you will be a part of those efforts. Let us help you become the behavioral health professional that you want to be.

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We Can Help You and Your Organization

The credentials offered by the Connecticut Certification Board are second to none when it comes to protecting the client, verifying the competence of a professional in a specific role and providing a framework for the skills necessary for performing the tasks of that role. The Code(s) of Ethics that each professional agrees to adhere to confirms the commitment to practice at the highest level of ideals that this field demands. Each credential is developed by national and international subject matter experts under the strict supervision of a psychometrician, as well as tested to guarantee reliability, validity and legal defensibility. This is not a one-time event but an ongoing process of quality assurance.

Training options available to our professionals are plentiful and diverse. We have a list of approved training providers from across the state and nation whose events and products have been evaluated by the CCB for applicability. Whether you prefer live events, virtual knowledge-based offerings, or creative affairs such as book discussion groups, we have trainings to fit your needs.  Our newest relationship with TPN.Health of New Orleans offers virtual opportunities both live and on-demand.

Interested in how we can help your nonprofit build capacity and become more efficacious? We have experience in that as well! Click the corresponding link below to find out more.

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Successfully completing the certification process provides evidence of your competence in working in your role in a legally defensible and psychometrically sound manner.


Professional development is key to success in your role. We offer our own training events as well as a list of approved providers to help you stay current with your knowledge and skills.

Non Profit Services

Our staff is trained and experienced in providing assistance to help develop, build capacity and grow your nonprofit, be it strategic planning, grant writing or staff development.

Legal Defensibility

Legal defensibility has to do with the ability of a testing entity (e.g., certification organization) to withstand legal challenges. These legal challenges may come from individuals or groups who claim that the organization itself, the processes followed, or the outcomes of the testing (e.g., a person is certified or not) are not legally valid. Essentially, legal defensibility has to do with the question: “Are the assessment results and, more generally, the testing program defensible in a court of law?”

According to legal experts and recorded legal cases, the four main areas that tests are typically legally challenged on are reliability, validity, fairness, and cut scores. Each of these areas requires consideration when developing, administering, and reporting (conducting research) on assessment results. In medium and certainly in high-stakes testing scenarios, focusing on these four major areas will help ensure accuracy and fairness in testing.